PreK printmaking

We were able to practice the art form of printmaking by stamping apples and other round objects with paint in the primary colors. 

PreK chameleons!

We read A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni and discussed how chameleons change their colors. Here is PreK painting their chameleons.

1st grade Dr Seuss

In honor of reading month we read and made our own Cat in the Hat. 

Gyotaku 5th grade

Students learned about Gyotaku, the traditional Japanese method printing fish, in art class. They created a monotype print of some fish and learned the purpose in history for this nature print. Fisherman were able to record size, shape and texture of the fish which became a popular style of nature printing. We talked about the significance of cherry blossoms in the Japanese culture and decorated our prints with our own paper cherry blossoms. 

3rd grade Blue Dog

In 3rd grade we learn about George Rodrigue and his paintings of Blue Dog. We read a story about why blue dog is blue and find out that blue dog is blue like the sky. George Rodrigue draws his creativity from things around him. And just like the sky is everywhere, so is his imagination! Students were able to choose their favorite color for blue dog and then use it's complimentary color for the background. We finished it off with some patterns!

2nd grade dinosaurs

2nd graders used oil pastels to blend colors together for these adorable dinosaurs!

1st grade Snowy Moose

First grade used different brush stokes to create this winter landscape. The painted the moose and trees seperately which gave them an opportunity to practice their cutting skills. Lesson was found on Deep Space Sparkle.

Prek Centers

Prek can be tricky when it comes to having everyone on task. Their attention spans are the shortest of all my classes so how I run the room needed to be adapted. Another art teacher in the district who teaches a lot of prek classes told me how she runs centers. I figured it was worth a try and I'm so glad I did it! There are four center students rotate around. One center is the lesson with me. I live this because I can have students who need extra guidance sit right next to me. The small group instruction allows me to make sure comprehension and quality are present. The projects take slightly longer to complete but the quality has improved greatly. Another center is modeling clay. The rolling and pitching of clay is perfect for improving fine motor skills at this stage of learning. Whiteboards is the next station where students work on holding the dry erase marker and drawing. This can be used as an extension of the lesson where they can continue to make what we were learning. The last stage is the building blocks. At this stage of their growth students are improving their spacial awareness by creating towers or enclosed spaces. Representation is also a stage that prek should be exploring so creating buildings, castles, stables are all important and achieved through play with blocks. Each center lasts around 5-10 minutes which is right in range of their attention spans. Therefore, students don't get bored or if they do, they will soon be at a new center.

4th grade Geometric Stars

Since our building goal has to do with math this year, I founds a great lesson that connects to 4th grade's math standards. We began by using a graphic organizer to pretest the students knowledge on the terms point, line, endpoint,line segment, acute obtuse and right angles. With a ruler students then created their geometric star and designed patterns into the space. When they were finished they showed me they could find all the terms by tracing them onto another sheet of paper. 

3rd grade Polar Bears

3rd grade is using chalk to blend an aurora borealis with their picture. Here they are adding some snow. Lesson found at Deep Space sparkle.

2nd grade Penguins

Fun heart shaped penguins with 2nd grade. I can't remember where o saw this at before? Pinterest maybe? Anyways, it worked out perfectly!

Kinder Snowmen

Fun little snowmen that kindergarten made. Found the idea from Pinterest!

1st grade James Rizzi Ferry Boats

Deep Space sparkle has this wonderful lesson about the artist James Rizzi which was perfect for my first graders.

5th grade gesture sculpture

Students learned how to make paper mache and great a body that has mass but also captures movement.

2nd grade Matisse Collage

Inspired from Pinterest, these Matisse collages gave the students an opportunity to practice their fine motor skills cutting geometric and organic shapes. We read a book on the artist and learned Matisse loved color!

3rd grade Hokusai's Great wave

I forgot to take more photos of this project. We read a book about Hokusai and talked about how lines can creat movement depending on how we draw them. Deep Space Sparkle gave me the lesson idea. It is also part of the culture we are focusing on this year as an art department.

Kinder turkeys!

2nd grade Family Portraits

2nd grade gives out calendars and Christmas time so we time the students family portrait close to that time in order to be part of the gift.