Pre-K Mondrian lesson

This project is a wonderful beginning of the year lesson on straight lines, primary colors, glueing skills and the artist Piet Mondrian.

5th grade Hundertwasser Landscape

In progress Hundertwasser landscapes

What's going on in the art room?

Here are the lesson objectives for each class. This helps the students understand the goals for the projects. They are posted for our visual learners and students repeat them with me to help our auditory learners remember. 

The night before...

Tomorrow is the big day! I get to see all those familiar faces again and some new ones too! I love the beginning of the school year. It's a fresh start and we have so much fun to look forward to this year. The first day of school I like to jump into a project. Is the art teacher crazy? Maybe. :) What your children will be working on is a one day self-portrait. This will be a whole school project that has many useful elements. I will use this project to talk about Color Theory, art room choices while practicing classroom procedures, using the work to access the students as well as creating an awesome display. All that from a self-portrait! That's why art is so cool. Let's get ready for a wonderful tomorrow!