5th grade Showcase

When I asked my students "what is art" or "How does art make you feel?" Some answers were...
"When you draw you go on an imagination adventure"

"I like art because if you make a mistake, it makes it unique."

"Art is a time where you can relax and there is no such thing as a wrong answer."

Art is a great stress reliever. Whenever I don't feel good, art makes me happy."

Over the years I have tried to reinforce the students with the idea that it's ok to make mistakes and to problem solve creatively solutions to change our accidents into "beautiful oop's" which is based on a book I read them at the beginning of the year. Students could choose to work collaboratively to foster teamwork or independently. Many students spent hours of their lunch recess time excitedly working on their projects. Here are a few pictures of the set up before parents arrived.

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